big advent!

Hey its me I don’t know why but I am busy lately. The last two weeks, know its Monday and I have had my 24th birthday last Sunday. Which I ended up going to church in the morning after church and finished my studying for my conformation which was this Sunday. Anyway as it had finished we can relax know after two busy weeks with nothing planned till Christmas.

On my birthday my grandad cooked me Chinese which was sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice and vegetable spring rolls, after dinner we had leman cake which was lovely and I opened my cards and pressies then I went to bed for the night.

As my conformation day was a arriving and it was a long preparing day, I got my nails done and hair and makeup done and my friend carol picked me up and we left for church. it was a lovely night with friend’s and family for the advent and I truly apricate everyone who showed up, there was so much love and support there which was a wonderful time and looking forward to my future know and a more positive person hopefully.

thank you for everything !

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