one bad month?

hi I haven’t been on at ages, it has been one feck of a month. my sister is in prosion for 6 months and somehow I think its my fault I didn’t protect her like an older sister should have and I just feel like I let her down also my grandad just his copd is getting worse and I work know but that makes me feel bad because I should be looking after him and I feel selfish for having my time when out and about also I just feel what if this be his last Christmas with use then I wont have the person I care about the most how gives me a porpoise to be around . So yh its been really bad for my bpd is playing up I hate eating it makes me feel sick and I hate who I am and what I look like I wish I could be pretty but I need more then luck or money to even look half dissent if you know what I mean. P.s my nan brock her wrist and I wish I could make her feel better but I can’t at the moment I cant seem to do anything right atm I wish I could be a better person, one that does not hate everything about myself I feel like its my fault nan is in pain because I think if I didn’t ask her to come to church with me at night she wouldn’t have fell other. Yes I know the would doesn’t work like that and I don’t control life or bring negativity or bad luck its just one of those things you cant control but I still wonder what if. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas shopping or just celebrating in whatever I hope you all is well?

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