Have you ever wondered what happens to you once you pass away or if anyone would care if you wee here or not?
But I wasn’t sure what to say but here we go a quote I have liked lately, Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage by Nicholas Murray Butler. As I said this has made me think about how we never believe in ourselves and want to be like other people in a world with internet and television and this design you have to be perfect everyday like if you wear makeup you look trashy or is you wear none then they think you are depressed and don’t care about yourself, tight clothes means your a slat or unfitting clothes mean you are gay or trans or fat because it means you eat to mush or skinny because that means you don’t eat at all and etc. Why should it be like this, we should feel pressured to do something just because the world tells you to be that way.
I think if we are happy and healthy why should it matter what we look like or act, so just be yourself because that what hames you a great person and beautiful as well because we all are in our own way. I am one of these people who do this judging myself and others so i should take this advise and make myself a better a person for my friends and family.

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