Hey, today was a good day I went to Chatham for the first time in ages with my nan. My world was shocked, Chatham had a huge Poundland, Wilkos and Primark at so point I lost my nan but I found her in the end, we also had lunch in this cafe and the staff was so not chatty and they didn’t really have a lot from the menu so that was a pain at least the company was good ( I love my nan to pieces).

this morning I had my one to one councilling and well it was ok, we spoke about things to help with my anxiety and to help with my self-esteem so I could eat without worrying about not panicking about if I am doing fine with myself or others what they are thinking, so hopefully I can go out with a family meal and not cancel coz my anxiety won’t play up. I know it won’t go away straight away but with things, in place, I could control it better an maybe meet nr right lol. Grandad is ill today he has been in bed most of the time I been home but just doing his dinner in a bit steak back and veg tonight, he has C.O.P.D so he struggles with breathing sometimes he has good days and some are bad like use all buy we look after each other so today is grandad day to be looked ather i hate that we live there the motorway because the polotion makes it worser for him. i hate seing him strugle to beave somtimes or when all he does is cough but nothing comes up i wish i could help and not just by loooking afther him but to make him feel more conferble its been almost a yearhe came out of hospital because of his C.O.P.D i hoping he wont be in there this year but if he is we could cope we alway do?

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