Why is it hard to trust people I feel like every time I do, it hurts so I gust keep myself on my own these days. I have this my best friend and last night we had a massive argument and I can’t remember what it was all about.

Its weird I have all these emotions all at once and I black out.can’t remember that main feeling I felt in the first place or the reason why the argument started in the first place. I just can’t help and feel like I mess up everything but one positive thing came I didn’t self-harm as I was in the argument and I dealt with it ok I guess. Anyway back to the argument I finally realised it was just my friend was worried about me and I was maybe a bit stubborn. So the lesson I learned today is never too quick to judge a situation deferntly if the one person you rely on and trust better then anyone in the world won’t push you in a front of a bus they say something before they do lol…

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