girl problems;

Hey, it’s been a really long day, where do I start first its ten pm at night and I am hungry and my sleeping medication is starting to kick in any way today was shit the only thing I did right was my computer exam which I passed. the stupid thing is I tried a tampon for the first time today and it was really uncomfortable so I guess I can put up with it for a week but its weird it normally last for 3 days and I go away but I seem to get really bad belly craps so I can’t wait for this week to be other. But it was a good day too as I saw my baby sister and we had lunch and did shopping before my computer class, we had a really good chat. So once the day finished a guy who I haven’t spoken in ages whats to meet up for lunch tomorrow so it all good in the end, as my hormones are everywhere today my anxiety was bad today hopefully a better day tomorrow maybe.

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